Tea Talk: Bottled Tea? Good or Bad?

Most of us see bottled drinks and we try to be healthy and not pick up a cola, but are the teas any better?


I took 3 different brands of tea that are sold in shops/vending machines and both tasted them, and read through the nutrition information. The three teas I used were Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate: Peach, Pure Leaf: Peach, and Brisk: Lemon Flavor

I along with many others cannot drink coffee but we need that daily pick-me up with some caffeine. These teas all have different nutritional facts, but 2 of them seem a lot healthier to drink on a daily basis.

1.Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate: This tea is pretty good especially for having the least amount of calories. The sugars are also pretty low compared to the other 2 options. However, the nutrition facts on the back were tricky. The serving size is 2 but they when listed it was only for 1 serving, so I had to double it. It was still lower than the others but it was slightly sneaky of them. The taste however is very good. There seems to be a spice of some sort in it, but nonetheless good! 8.5/10



2.Pure Leaf: This is one of my favorite tea brands. It is one that I have easier access to and does not make me feel sick after drinking. I feel like it actually tastes like real tea and not artificial. They also have many flavors of tea, so I don’t get sick of them. The sugar is a little higher than the Guayaki brand and so is sugar, however the sugar is real stuff added and not artificial sugaring. I think this one is also a good choice for people wanting something that tastes good but is still healthy.

pure leaf


3.Brisk: This tea is mainly found in vending machines or sometimes in coolers at different stores. Brisk definitely has a good taste and is sweet, but when it comes to nutrition it really sucks. The sugar has more than the other 2 with a much higher amount of calories. The thing that is a little unsettling is what is added. Corn syrup & Red 40 are 2 ingredients that are in this tea. It is honestly like drinking a soda rather than a tea. It kind of makes sense though because they are in a soda bottle shape and is owned by Pepsi. This one might be good if you like the taste but not if you want something healthy.


Conclusion: The healthiest option is probably #1 and #2 is up there as well. I would stick away from Brisk if you are going for healthy over taste. Also if you are looking for caffeine, #1 is the best for you. What is your favorite bottled tea? Let me know in the comments!