Tea Talk: Bottled Tea? Good or Bad?

Most of us see bottled drinks and we try to be healthy and not pick up a cola, but are the teas any better?


I took 3 different brands of tea that are sold in shops/vending machines and both tasted them, and read through the nutrition information. The three teas I used were Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate: Peach, Pure Leaf: Peach, and Brisk: Lemon Flavor

I along with many others cannot drink coffee but we need that daily pick-me up with some caffeine. These teas all have different nutritional facts, but 2 of them seem a lot healthier to drink on a daily basis.

1.Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate: This tea is pretty good especially for having the least amount of calories. The sugars are also pretty low compared to the other 2 options. However, the nutrition facts on the back were tricky. The serving size is 2 but they when listed it was only for 1 serving, so I had to double it. It was still lower than the others but it was slightly sneaky of them. The taste however is very good. There seems to be a spice of some sort in it, but nonetheless good! 8.5/10



2.Pure Leaf: This is one of my favorite tea brands. It is one that I have easier access to and does not make me feel sick after drinking. I feel like it actually tastes like real tea and not artificial. They also have many flavors of tea, so I don’t get sick of them. The sugar is a little higher than the Guayaki brand and so is sugar, however the sugar is real stuff added and not artificial sugaring. I think this one is also a good choice for people wanting something that tastes good but is still healthy.

pure leaf


3.Brisk: This tea is mainly found in vending machines or sometimes in coolers at different stores. Brisk definitely has a good taste and is sweet, but when it comes to nutrition it really sucks. The sugar has more than the other 2 with a much higher amount of calories. The thing that is a little unsettling is what is added. Corn syrup & Red 40 are 2 ingredients that are in this tea. It is honestly like drinking a soda rather than a tea. It kind of makes sense though because they are in a soda bottle shape and is owned by Pepsi. This one might be good if you like the taste but not if you want something healthy.


Conclusion: The healthiest option is probably #1 and #2 is up there as well. I would stick away from Brisk if you are going for healthy over taste. Also if you are looking for caffeine, #1 is the best for you. What is your favorite bottled tea? Let me know in the comments!


Rating: The Red Bird Cafe and Gift Shop

Have you ever wanted to catch up with someone over a nice soup and salad, but you do not want to go somewhere crazy with millions of people? The Red Bird Cafe is such a nice location with an amazing aura.

I finally got to try the food at this cute Brockport place and I have to say it was very good and filling, but not the type of filled that means I feel sick. I tried a peach ginger loose tea that was so good. It was not flavored as much as some others but it still felt very good to me. My boyfriend was not the biggest fan because it was not flavored as much, but I really liked it. If you get tea they usually bring a pot out to you and you choose a tea cup you want. If you want tea bags they just bring out a smaller pot, but if you get loose it is usually darker and they steep for you.

tea pot

The Lunch was excellent and hit the spot perfectly! I got a turkey apple cheese panini with tomato artichoke soup. They were both really good in my opinion. The soup was a unique mix that may not sound the best, but trust me the end game was good. The sandwich was excellent as well. I love apples because its a fruit that can be used as sweet or savory. It gave that sandwich something that was needed, a little bit of sweetness.

apple turkey

My mom decided to try their chicken salad and she thought that was very good. My sister also recommended that to us before we went. I am not a huge mayonnaise fan but i’ll probably try it sometime. My boyfriend decided to get the monte cristo panini and he liked his sandwich as well.

chicken salad

Now onto desserts! The desserts they offered were tarts for the day. My boyfriend and I got chocolate while my mother tried peach. She really liked hers, but I have to say I think I prefer the cherry ones over chocolate. The chocolate ones seemed like it was just pudding on top and there was some icy stuff still in it. I was kind of disappointed with that but the rest of the meal was fantastic.

Overall these was a great place to catch up with my boyfriend and mom and the food was really good. The prices are better for someone getting lunch for them self, but as a price as a whole it got to be a little steep. This is a great place to go once in awhile though. I highly recommend it and rate it 9/10 stars.

Preview: Red Bird Cafe & Gift Shop

Later today I plan on going to the Red Bird Cafe & Gift Shop in Brockport, NY. I went there about a month ago with my mother but we only had a limited selection of teas and desserts, because we were there for a special event. I am really excited to actually go for lunch because I have heard amazing things about it!

If you are not familiar with this location, the front of the shop is a gift shop with many different things you can buy such as jams and scarves, and in the back is the cafe. I am hoping I can get some tasty things! Also if I find an amazing tea, I might just have to buy some for home. 🙂

Have you ever been here? What is your favorite menu item? Let me know and who knows, I might just try it!



Welcome to This Little Teapot! In my about page I told you all about myself but I want to welcome you all to a relaxing place where you don’t have to think about much, just tea! 

teaAlong with tea reviews, I want to create a relaxing atmosphere so I may add in some other ways to relax that you can do in your own home! I also will do some fun television/movie posts that have tea involved (think Rupert Giles).

I hope you stick around because I am planning on some awesome treats!